• composed

    having one's feelings and expressions under control; calm.
    calm, quiet, tranquil, peaceful, easy, self-controlled
  • komposed

    adjective / cutting-edge music management
    having one's music under control, safe in the cloud, searchable, mobile, tagged, ready to license
    organized, professional, Hollywood-standard, money-saving, time-saving, worry-free


  • Other Sound Managers

    • Cloud Storage
    • Song Sharing
    • Playlist Sharing
    • Song & Playlist Embedding
    • Basic Metadata Tagging
    • Mobile Access
  • Komposed

    • Cloud Storage
    • Industry Preferred Song Sharing (including Stems, Alt-Mixes, Short-Versions, WAV/AIF/MP3, metadata, lyrics, and composer splits)
    • Playlist Sharing
    • Your Own Private & Public Catalog Search Engine
    • Your Own Sharable Music Timeline
    • Song, Playlist, Timeline & Catalog Embedding
    • Hollywood Standard Metadata Tagging Format
    • Store Composer / Publisher Splits
    • Powerful Internal Search Tools, so you find any stored Mix in seconds
    • Metadata Exporting, to get your music more exposure
    • Mobile Access
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