Composer Team Platform

Get your composer team working through a unified platform, to streamline music submissions and deliveries.

Forget about FTP, email and playlists submissions.

Watch your catalog grow by itself!

Comprehensive Song & Playlist Sharing

Impress your clients by sending EVERYTHING about a song in 1-click. Including: The Main Version, Alt Versions, Stems, Cut-Downs, Metadata, Lyrics, Composer/Publisher Splits, Related Songs, WAV/AIF/MP3

Oh, and it's all stored in the Cloud, shared instantly, so kiss your FTP goodbye!

Internal and Client-Facing Library Search Engine

Your internal Search Engine allows you to search, edit, share, and add songs to playlists.

Your Branded Public Search Engine is what you share with your clients, and they'll love it! Fast, easy search, with all song versions, MP3/WAV/AIF support, and metadata is all optionally accessible.

Mobile Access

Search and share songs on the train ride to the office!

Custom Music Projects

Create a project description, hand-pick your composers to invite, then let them submit music to your project. Easily approve or deny submissions then share the project playlist with your client!

Need more submissions? Post a project to the Komposed global musician network, and receive submissions for Free.

Stats and Logging

Easily monitor key client usage and catalog statistics from your company Dashboard.

Export Your Catalog or Playlists

Deliver clean, accurate metadata fast. Export any song, playlist or your entire catalog metadata to Excel or TXT with a click.