Secure Cloud Storage

Get with the times... Forget about external hard drives, thumb drives, CDs, old computers and FTP.

Most importantly, find any mix in seconds and never lose a song again!

Your Own Music Search Engine

Share or embed your entire catalog with music licensees, fans and friends. Including, all song versions, stems, metadata, lyrics, and composer splits.

Your Own Musical Timeline

Showcase your personal greatest hits on your Music Timeline. Put it on your business card, share it online, or embed it on your site.

Song and Playlist Sharing

The most comprehensive music sharing anywhere. Share any/all song versions, stems, cut-downs, file formats, metadata, lyrics, and composer splits.

Profile links and Related Songs features automatically cross-market your other songs!

Mobile Access

Meet a movie big-wig at a bar? Access your entire catalog, then send them songs immediately... He/she will not only recieve the sound file, but a glorious playback experience along with all Song metadata, lyrics, composer info, Alt Versions, Stems, Cut-Downs, in WAV/AIF/MP3 format. This flexibility WILL give you an edge!

Seriously Searchable

The engineers of Komposed are musicians who have gone through all of the growing pains of finding, and more importantly, NOT finding music. Your internal search engine allows you to search by: Tags, Genres, Style-Alikes, Date, Song Title, File Name, Mix Type, Writer, DAW Session Name, and more...

Export with Ease

Music licensees and producers often ask for "your files, metadata, and composer splits". Working musicians know this process is absolutely necessary, and always painfully time-consuming. Komposed makes this very simple, by allowing you to export any of your playlists or your entire catalog.

Hollywood-Standard Metadata

Describing your music accurately WILL get you more licenses. Komposed knows what Hollywood expects. We've created a straight-forward and comprehensive process for you. It's almost all optional though, so it'll never slow you down!